sms marketingIt's no mystery that developing relationships with customers takes work. If you want to reach your customers, you can't wait for them to come to you. You have to be proactive and go where they are.

Now, we don't expect (or advise) you to go knocking on all your customers' and prospects' doors - that would be madness. But, you could do the next best thing.

As people become more attached to their phones, text messages become the most direct line of contact. This has made text message marketing, or SMS marketing, one of the most effective forms of communicating with customers when done correctly.

Reliable delivery | Direct line to the customer | High engagement | Enables you to efficiently target both new and existing customers | Maximizes cost-efficiency and returns | Compliments your email marketing strategy | It is GREEN!

If you're already using email marketing (or considering it), try including SMS in your strategy.

Promotional SMS

If you are looking to reach out to your target audience and want to do that in a cost effective manner, promotional text messages are the best way to do so.

With the help of the promotional SMS service, you can send one single promotional message to hundreds of potential customers at one go. This type of promotion reaches the target audience directly, as people are used to checking their mobiles for text as well as social media messages every few minutes. They are sure to read the message once they receive it and there are more chances of them getting converted into customers this way rather than by sales through telecommunications.

If you are looking to expand your business network and are looking for cost effective ways to do so, you must choose a reliable promotional bulk SMS provider. As there are several such promotional SMS service providers in India, finding a reliable company needs some research and analysis.

Promotional bulk SMS is one of the most economical marketing solutions. You can create awareness about your brand, product or any offer within a second. Promotional SMS are sent between 9 am to 9 pm only.


SMS which are sent to customers to pass on information necessary for using product or service are called transactional SMS. Transactional SMS can be used for validating a mobile number by sending one time passwords. It will deliver messages to DND (Do Not Disturb) & NDND numbers also. Transactional SMS have gained tremendous popularity in the recent times.

Voice SMS

Voice SMS is also Known as OBD Services (Outbound Dialing Services).Communicate with your customers in their own regional languages with Voice clips. If the message is conveyed in local language, it attracts more visitors. Voice SMS Service is a communication concept that allows a simple voice message to millions of recipients in moments of time. Our voice SMS solutions are designed to make communication personalized and effective. Personalize marketing campaigns, engage, motivate and persuade with our voice SMS services that take your reputation, revenues and operations that assure higher levels of user satisfaction.

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