email marketingOur Email marketing services reap most of our best converting campaigns. We handle the complete email design, strategy and campaign optimization coordinating with publishers across the globe to ensure your brand reaches your perfect untapped audience.

Being the oldest medium of communication since the internet revolution, it is not only the strongest medium of communication but also effective lead generation.

Our Target audience is segmented & targeted to be used in email marketing to reach the right people at the right time.

Providing customized emails to audience as per their choice, enhancing their experience with frequent surveys that respect what they like and what they want.

Email marketing will help you to promote your product & Services at its best possible way, engage and acquire new customers, Build healthy relation with your customers at minimum/Lowest marketing cost.

Why is Email marketing important for your business?

As it's the cheapest form of digital marketing, It helps to channelize customers towards your product or services; attract them. You will be able to pull customers to your website, get in quality leads & convert leads into customers.

The perfect email marketing plan for you:

  • Cost Per Mailer(CPM) -One of the most used metrics of Email marketing which will create awareness about your product & services.
  • Cost Per Click(CPC)/Cost Per Visit(CPV) - One of the popular & well known plan which will generates heavy traffic on your website.
  • Cost Per Lead (CPL) - Cost effective plan which generates quality leads for you.
  • Cost Per Acquisition(CPA)-One of the least used metrics ,paid when sale is done.
  • Create creative.
  • Create Landing Pages.
  • Execute the campaign.
  • Manage the campaign performance.
  • Retarget audience through alternate channels.
  • Consumer Engagement - Leads Generated - Customers Acquired

Grow exponentially with our email marketing Plans

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