• 01. Business Development Executive / Manager

    Driving the company's growth to develop & lead the client acquisition strategy to maximize revenue from Branding, SEO, Affiliates, Website Designing, PPC and Multiple Digital Media Campaigns. (CPM, CPC, CPV, CPI, CPL).

    1. Experienced in Sales AD Agency background
    2. Good Communication Skills
    3. Good Networking Skills
  • 02. Facebook AD Campaign Executive / Manager

    While the need of business leads keep increasing, we are hiring professionals to execute AD campaigns & leveraging the audience by generating prospects for sectors like, Travel, Realty, Health, Banking, Insurance, to name a few.

    1. Experienced in executing AD Campaigns on Facebook.
    2. Excellent Audience Selection Logic.
    3. Startegising Campaigns.
  • 03. Content Marketer

    Content is the core to inbound marketing. Individuals with comfortable writing skills for multiple mediums to deliver the message easily to an audience.

    1. Experienced in creating inbound traffic content.
    2. Creating Content for varied audience.
    3. Good Communication Skills.
  • 04. Client Servicing Executive

    Maintaining the relationship with the clients at all times. Having excellent communication skills in all mediums and ensuring the client is profitable to the organization and we are giving them the best ROI possible.

    1. Experienced in establishing a strong relationship with the clients of the company.
    2. Developing sources in order to get more clients.
    3. Meeting clients or interacting with them via telephone or written communication.

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